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February Round Up: What Our Pupils Got Up To

In February, our pupils at Aldenham Prep Riyadh engaged in a range of exciting activities, learning opportunities and initiatives - from celebrating Saudi Founding Day to gaining knowledge about internet safety and making meaningful changes to the environment. Here's a quick roundup of what our pupils achieved throughout February!

Safer Internet Day

On Safer Internet Day, Ms. Derry from Year 3 led an informative assembly that emphasised the importance of being smart and safe while using the internet. She shared crucial safety rules that everyone should follow, including the SMART rules, such as never sharing personal information with strangers and declining friend requests or emails from unknown individuals. The assembly was a valuable learning opportunity for our pupils to understand the importance of staying safe online.

Year 4 Eco Warriors 

During their 'Nature of Life' topic lessons, Year 4 pupils learned about the environment and collectively decided to take action to make a positive impact in their school. They concluded that the school could benefit from a team of Eco Warriors who would be responsible for making the school a greener place, and wrote a letter to the senior staff. This initiative illustrates how our pupils are not only learning about important issues, but also taking proactive steps towards creating positive change in their community.

Pancake Day

The whole school took part in a fun-filled House event to celebrate Pancake Day. Reception pupils had the chance to learn how to make pancakes, which were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The highlight of the event was the pancake races, where pupils raced to earn House points - and in the end, Cantrell House emerged as the winner!

Saudi Founding Day

On February 23, our pupils marked Saudi Founding Day by immersing themselves in the culture and heritage of their home country. They donned traditional clothing, savoured local delicacies, danced to Saudi music, and learned about the country's past and future. The celebration provided a valuable opportunity for our pupils to deepen their appreciation for the rich history and culture of our country.

February proved to be a dynamic and productive month for our pupils at Aldenham Prep Riyadh. We take pride in their accomplishments and look forward to seeing what they will achieve next!

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