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March Round Up: An Exciting Month of Learning and Celebrations

It has been another fulfilling month for the students of Aldenham Prep Riyadh, as they engaged in a diverse range of exciting activities, valuable learning opportunities, and meaningful celebrations. From the spirited festivity of World Book Day to the election of a new school council and the impressive showcase by Year 4 to their parents, our pupils had a month that was filled with purpose and achievement. Let's take a closer look at the impressive accomplishments they have made throughout March!

World Book Day

March round-up
On March 2nd, the school celebrated World Book Day with great enthusiasm. Staff and pupils came to school dressed up as their favourite characters from books, and the day was filled with activities that highlighted the importance of reading. The day's festivities included a parade of characters, parents coming in to read to the children, a book swap, and, most importantly, plenty of reading. The event was a huge success, and everyone had a fantastic time celebrating the magic of books.

Saudi Flag Day

Aldenham Prep Riyadh also celebrated Saudi Flag Day, which honours the rich history of the flag that dates back to the first Saudi state in 1727. This was the first time that Saudi Arabia recognised this day as a national holiday, and it was especially important for our pupils to observe. It was celebrated in rousing style as everyone came together to sing the National Anthem and the children learned how to respect a flag as a symbol of a country.

School Council Election

The school's new council was elected this month, providing pupils with real-world experiences that inform our approach to an all-round education. For each half of the academic year, a new council is elected to help make decisions about what is happening within the school. The council's responsibilities include assessing the needs within the classrooms, overseeing after-school clubs, and making recommendations on school food. We’re looking forward to seeing all the positive changes they make this year!

March round-up: school council

Year 4's Shake It Exhibition

Year 4 showcased their topic 'Shake It' to their parents, which involved investigating solids, liquids, and gases to learn how things can change state. The pupils spent the past few weeks learning about the chemistry of cooking and preparation processes, culminating in them making butter, milkshakes and ice cream. They even wrote their own play about a milkmaid, which got rave reviews from their parents. The exhibition was a great success, and the children's hard work paid off as they proudly shared their learning with their families.

March round-up

What a brilliant month it has been for all our pupils at Aldenham Prep Riyadh - we can’t wait to see what they will achieve in April! 

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