Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Nurturing Talent at Aldenham 

Our nurturing approach to education focuses on encouraging individual talent by providing an environment where pupils can explore their interests. As well as our carefully considered curriculum, Aldenham Prep Riyadh has a wealth of facilities and classes designed to reveal the range of skills, abilities and talents the pupils exhibit. 

Drawing on Aldenham's philosophy, we value the belief that achievement is an individual matter, be it entry to a top university, a sporting or creative goal, or to develop into a well-balanced person. From our Early Years to Upper School pupils, we offer them a chance to flourish and explore outside of the classroom. As part of our holistic approach to education, we believe pupils can experience learning and discovery everywhere. 

Sparking Inspiration

Aldenham's education trips not only enhance the curriculum but also sparks interest in pupils - and that same jolt of inspiration drives them to pursue hobbies that could lead to future career aspirations. We believe it's essential for pupils to experience the world around them and to develop a sense of culture and community beyond what is taught in textbooks. 

A fundamental aspect of our nurturing approach to talent is encouraging pupils to participate in co-curricular activities. School weeks at Aldenham Prep Riyadh run from Sunday to Thursday, and pupils can engage with various classes during lunch and after school. The typical activities selected are tailored to a breadth of interests, such as gymnastics, gardening, street dance and animation so that each pupil has something they can take part in.

Lasting Legacy 

It's this very attitude that leads to success, and this is illustrated by Aldenham's vibrant alumni. Abilities, skills and talents of all kinds are nurtured, and we take pride in continuing its legacy here in Riyadh. The Old Aldenhamians feature a rich collection of pioneering physicians, acclaimed authors and sporting stars who have carved their own part of history since leaving school. 

At Aldenham Prep Riyadh, we are taking steps to create a future generation of ambitious and motivated individuals with the confidence to embody their innate talents. We believe it begins at school, and in facilitating an environment that fosters curiosity and ignites imagination.

Aldenham UK

Founded in 1597, Aldenham UK is the flagship of the Aldenham Foundation and is steeped in history, with over 425 years of academic excellence. Aldenham UK - and all of our schools - embodies the best of timeless traditions and universal values, along with a documented history of a forward-thinking culture that’s served to differentiate us from our peers.

At Aldenham, we remember that achievement is an individual matter - whether that’s entry to an Oxbridge college, a sporting or cultural goal, or simply growing up into a well-balanced individual. Dedicated teaching is at the heart of everything we do. While we help our pupils to focus on their own plans, our teachers focus on our pupils.

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