Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Aldenham UK – Founded 1597

In 1596, Queen Elizabeth I gave royal assent for the founding of a school to Richard Platt, a nobleman and philanthropist. Aldenham School was established and the foundation stone was laid in 1597. This School had, and still has, at its heart the concept of an all round education. Unlike some other schools established at that time, Aldenham looked beyond the solely classical education to include even such things as 'archery' in the curriculum, in recognition that body, mind and spirit all needed to be developed. This focus on educating the whole child runs deep through the Aldenham veins and we are proud that 425 years later it is still what we are famous for.

Aldenham School in the UK has been educating children on the same original glorious site, with easy access to central London and all that the capital offers, continuously for over 420 years. An Aldenham education has the perfect blend of history and tradition with a modern focus. We use our experience and wisdom from the past to prepare our students to navigate a path into the future.

Alumni - The Old Aldenhamians

In recent years, we have had many students go on to success and fame in a range of fields, including Karren Brady, international businesswoman and television personality, Matt Wallace, professional golfer, and a number of professional footballers including the exciting Charlie Patino. Some other notable OAs from our long history are below.

Some Notable OAs

Lord Stanley Buckmaster, 1st Viscount Buckmaster and High Chancellor of Great Britain
Sir Alfred Gilbert, Renowned Sculptor, ‘Eros’ in London’s Piccadilly
Sir Denys Roberts, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Hong Kong
Field Marshal the Lord Vincent, Highest ranking member of British Armed Forces
Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, King of Malaysia
Professor Sir Martin Sweeting, Renowned Space Scientist and Fellow of the Royal Society
Matt Wallace, Top 50 World Ranked Professional Golfer 
Karren Brady, TV Personality and International Businesswoman
Charlie Patino, 
Premiership Footballer

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Academic results are important too, and at Aldenham we are proud of what our students achieve. After success at GCSE and A Level, students go on to study at some of the top universites in the UK, the USA and Europe.

Our beautiful campus, complete with traditional and modern facilities enables us to educate boys and girls in an environment perfectly suited to preparation for the world of tomorrow.

Aldenham UK

The Flagship of the Aldenham Foundation and founded in 1597, Aldenham UK is steeped in history with 423 years of academic excellence. It embodies the best of timeless traditions and universal values, along with a documented history of a forward-thinking culture that has differentiated it from its peers.

At Aldenham we remember that achievement is an individual matter, be it entry to an Oxbridge college, a sporting or cultural goal or it may simply involve growing up into a well-balanced individual. Dedicated teaching is at the heart of this endeavour as we help our students to focus on their own plans, while our teachers focus on our students.

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