Aldenham School, Founded 1597


Music forms an integral part of all pupils’ lives at Aldenham Prep, through lessons and assemblies. From Nursery onward the children have a specialist music teacher.  Our Year 2 children all learn the recorder and Year 3 all have the opportunity to learn the violin through our strings programme, which builds on the what they have already learned with the recorder.

From Year 1 pupils also have the opportunity to learn other musical instruments on an individual basis with qualified peripatetic staff.

Aldenham Prep School pupils sing in assembly every week, which involves practicing and learning new hymns and songs that are relevant to the season or time of year. The Aldenham Prep School Choir also rehearses every week and is entered into the annual Watford Festival, as well as performing throughout the year on a variety of occasions.

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Aldenham UK

The Flagship of the Aldenham Foundation and founded in 1597, Aldenham UK is steeped in history with 423 years of academic excellence. It embodies the best of timeless traditions and universal values, along with a documented history of a forward-thinking culture that has differentiated it from its peers.

At Aldenham we remember that achievement is an individual matter, be it entry to an Oxbridge college, a sporting or cultural goal or it may simply involve growing up into a well-balanced individual. Dedicated teaching is at the heart of this endeavour as we help our students to focus on their own plans, while our teachers focus on our students.

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