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Celebrating Saudi National Day

This week, Aldenham Prep Riyadh celebrated the 92nd Saudi National Day. It was an important time for the school and nation as a whole to honour all the efforts and commitments that make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia what it is today. 

Saudi National Day was first observed in 1932 and marks the renaming of the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was then recognised as an official holiday in 2005 by King Abdullah, falling on the 23rd September each year. The occasion is considered one of the most essential dates in the Saudi Arabian calendar as it commemorates the unification and modernisation of the Kingdom. 

It is a significant day for the school as it gives way for us to come together and reflect upon the values, morals and traditions of this nation. It’s important for our pupils at Aldenham Prep Riyadh to engage with the customs and teachings of their culture and to develop a strong sense of understanding in the history of this country.

As part of the school’s festivities, our head of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Mr Mohammed Aljouma, held an exciting presentation where pupils learned about the history of Saudi Arabia. Some of the pupils even had the opportunity to share their own findings with everyone else!

In celebration, our pupils put on a wonderful display by dressing up in green to reflect the national flag, as well as in the traditional costumes of Saudi Arabia. To commemorate the 92nd anniversary, the Upper School children formed a big ‘92’ whilst our Lower School children took part in a balloon shower, where hundreds of green and white balloons fell from the sky.

As the first fully-integrated branch to open outside of the UK, we value in providing academic excellence and an all-round education to the local community of Riyadh as a way of continuing Aldenham’s withstanding legacy. We endeavour to help Saudi Arabia with its vision for the future by delivering exceptional education for the next generation. 

It was a truly special occasion for the school to come together in celebrating this nation and its vibrant history, and we are so pleased with how involved our pupils were in the festivities.

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