Aldenham School, Founded 1597

What Is Our All-Round Approach To Learning?

Since its founding in Britain in 1597, Aldenham has delivered quality education intended to develop the child as a whole. With 425 years of academic excellence, Aldenham embodies the best of timeless traditions and universal values, along with a documented history of a forward-thinking culture. As its first integrated international branch, Aldenham Prep Riyadh is built on those same principles.

What Makes Aldenham Different?

While learning can take place anywhere and in any form, schools typically take on static models of learning that often lack stimulation and are taught through a narrow academic focus limited to the classroom. What makes Aldenham distinct from such schools is our all-round approach to education, where learning happens through the exploration of the whole self. With spaces designed to inspire young minds, Aldenham Prep Riyadh offers an environment where pupils are excited to learn more about the world around them. 

Our all-round approach to education starts with our Nursery and Early Years pupils, where learning through play and discovery is encouraged. We strongly believe that education is not limited to the classroom and that creating an environment where curiosity can be fostered is vital to a child’s development. At this stage, children begin to develop their communication and language, as well as their social, emotional and personal skills. As they progress to Lower and Upper School, the curriculum evolves to include academic abilities such as maths and literacy, sports and art. 

At every stage, we offer breadth and variety within our curriculum so that all talents can be nurtured. At Aldenham, we understand the individual needs and goals of each child and encourage the development of their diverse talents. This entails promoting our fantastic academic, creative and sporting facilities and motivating pupils to engage in co-curricular activities. Such classes include cookery, ballet, karate and chess, where each child can deepen their interests and discover new ones. 

Dedicated Teaching Is At The Heart

At the heart of Aldenham is our dedicated teaching and we truly recognise the integral role teachers play in a child’s education. By implementing a rigorous hiring process, we’ve ensured all teachers have met our key principles, with the skills and experience required to lead our pupils to progress into well-balanced individuals. All of our teachers have been trained in the British curriculum, but as a school in Riyadh, we have taken special attention to incorporate Arabic and Islamic Studies to reflect the local community and culture. 

Preparing for Life After Aldenham

Our holistic approach to education promotes the growth of a child’s body, mind and spirit, and we share the belief that all three are significant in preparing for life beyond school. Not only does this attitude produce excellent academic results, it also brings out the personal qualities that future employers seek for and allows children to grow up with respect for each other and the different talents they exhibit. And above all, it gives children the confidence to succeed in many circumstances, whether academic or creative. 

From artists, politicians and soldiers, to sporting legends and entrepreneurs, the pupils have been Aldenham’s true legacy. Old Aldenhamians include the famous sculptor Sir Alfred Gilbert, The Apprentice’s baroness Karren Brady, and other notable names such as professional golfer Matt Wallace and famed footballer Charlie Patino. Aldenham Prep Riyadh is delighted with the opportunity to contribute to its growing alumni. 

With Aldenham in the UK being one of the oldest continuously operating schools in the world, we here at Aldenham Prep Riyadh are proud to be its first integrated international branch. We endeavour to further its dedication in delivering exceptional and all-round education to our pupils.

Aldenham UK

Founded in 1597, Aldenham UK is the flagship of the Aldenham Foundation and is steeped in history, with over 425 years of academic excellence. Aldenham UK - and all of our schools - embodies the best of timeless traditions and universal values, along with a documented history of a forward-thinking culture that’s served to differentiate us from our peers.

At Aldenham, we remember that achievement is an individual matter - whether that’s entry to an Oxbridge college, a sporting or cultural goal, or simply growing up into a well-balanced individual. Dedicated teaching is at the heart of everything we do. While we help our pupils to focus on their own plans, our teachers focus on our pupils.

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